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By Nan Zhong


In article 24 of the UN charter of children rights, it states that children have the right to good quality health care. My name is Nan and I’m from Canada, a place where vaccines are free and also available in schools. From this project called "lot" I have learned greatly about children in danger everywhere, whether it be poor and starving, uneducated, or in war zones. I propose another right based on article 24 and that is to let children get free vaccinations. In countries such as Syria, Chad, and Pakistan, outbreaks of polio are affecting thousands as war is preventing them from giving vaccinations.


Children everywhere, especially in countries associated with wars, are denied access of vaccinations when they would require it due to conflicts. I propose the countries with outbreaks of diseases will at least allow children to get the medical attention they need, even with the difficulties of war. Vaccines are needed for the survival and living of these children, it is a necessary excuse to temporarily stop war. Many children all around the world die because certain casualties are preventing them from getting vaccinated. We need to put a stop to this, for children and families affected everywhere.


Even with the available use of vaccines in countries, the cost is another story. All children should receive free vaccines when needed because they shouldn’t have think about the worries of providing money. The problem is that new vaccinations will be released; the poorer countries will not be able to afford these costs. The children in that particular country will not be able to use the vaccines they need, therefore the vaccinations for children should be free. As a child, you would never be asked to pay for something you needed because your parents did, so why should other children around world?

Children are the future, so they should not be in the way of harm whatsoever. That includes all children worldwide, not just in developed countries. More than thousands of children are dying each day, but these are preventable deaths. The preventable deaths include the water sanitation, vaccinations and food. Children’s immune systems are weaker than an adult, which means they are likely to break down faster if they got a disease compared to adults. This is why we are so precious and fragile, a child without care is not a happy child.


To wrap up my proposal, I strongly encourage this new right that all children should have to right to free vaccinations. Many things such as wars and famines are preventing this as I stated before, but we can find a way that works out for everyone. Hold clinics around the places in need of vaccines and make it a war free zone so no more harm can be done to children. The future needs to survive, that means children need to survive.


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