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Megan Ramsay


Feb 9, 2015 (in response to Community Manager Albert)


Equity to me is how I think about and interact with my students versus what I do in my classroom.  For me it is a mindset, a way of thinking about diversity and respecting identity.  Equity initiatives are wonderful and there are many out there that are worthwhile implementing such as the Positive Space Room for grade 7 & 8’s that opened last year in the school I teach at.  This space is reserved for students to come, feel safe, be themselves, learn about each other and explore not one model of family or friendship but many.   This project was born from the strong foundational belief that students and educators together want to genuinely show interest in celebrating, dialoguing and learning about each other.


Students see the world through a lens that is influenced by their experiences and their cultural identity.  As an educator I can support equity through emergent learning, co-created learning and themes that touch us all.   By creating a culture and climate of tolerance and acceptance together with my students equity evolves and becomes the norm.  It is at this point that we come together as a community of unique learners who support each other. Equity to me is more than the newest initiative but rather it is about how each student perceives the way their teacher and their peers value their voice and give it room to be expressed, understood, to grow and to be prized in the classroom.


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