Discussion Re: Excellence & Effective Teaching

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Louise Robitaille

Posted Feb 20, 2015


My colleague Peter Douglas and I have had the opportunity to be “Teacher Learning and Leadership Program” (TLLP) participants. This amazing program created and supported our professional learning development. It provided us time to explore and learn about effective approaches to teaching and learning. It also gave us a chance to take a leadership role in sharing our expertise, with the inquiry-based approach to teaching across the province and truthfully around the world.


As our knowledge and understanding grew from this PD opportunity, we were able to build a website, use twitter, start a blog, participate in curriculum projects with the MoE, give workshops and share our classroom with fellow educators.


As professionals, and learners we were able to grow in our understanding of how students learn. Our students are motivated and engaged, unlike any other time in our teaching career. The passion and joy we have for teaching is because of the personal growth that happened while participating in the TLLP.